Not many couples plan their weddings over the autumn and winter months – and it’s not surprising! Autumn can be especially unpredictable weather wise (Hello, wind rain and hail!) and many couples love to make the most of our amazing locations and landscapes here in New Zealand by getting married outside.  Not to mention, Summer generally has more of a celebration vibe with longer days, festivities and holidays.

Regardless, Autumn weddings are some of my favourite to photograph – it’s cooler for a start (a definite plus when you’re running around photographing for hours on end!) and because there are so many ways to be creative with the challenges of location and weather.

Sometimes couples can be concerned that having chosen a wedding date between April and September there will be less opportunity to get beautiful and unique photos of their big day. The reality is  that yes, it can be cold and wet and windy, but you can still get awesome photographs! Here’s a quick run down of why your wedding photos will be still be awesome when you get married during the cooler months:

The Light:

Winter and Autumn weddings are almost guaranteed to have one of two weather reports: It will be overcast and cloudy, or it will be one of those bright crisp sunny winter days. Either way, the light will be amazing!  Overcast cloudy days mean that the light is diffused and gorgeous washing over your skin and will enhance your features (and will help to show off your makeup too).

A bride sits next to a window before her wedding ceremony

If it’s one of those bright crisp winter days that you’re probably hoping for if you are having an autumn or winter wedding, while the light can be harsh, the sun is also lower in the sky which can create diffused light at the right times of day and you have the chance to get awesome sunflares.

Bride and Groom exchange vows with beautiful sunflare washing over then

Right place, right light, right time.

The Rain:

What? Rain? YES, it’s awesome. Rain makes for some flipping fantastic photos (say that three times fast!). Think moody skies,  lit up raindrops, hazy landscapes, cool props. Yes, it’s challenging, but any photographer worth the weight of their 70-200mm lens will work hard to nail shots in the rain.

A bride and groom say their vows under an apple tree while someone holds an umbrellaa over them and their bridal party looks on in the rain.
Zoe and Ryan’s ceremony had light rain

A bride and groom kissing in the rain
Rain can make for super romantic photos

The locations:

Winter weather and light will mean that you can contemplate locations in an altogether different way. Sheltered areas with what might normally be considered boring backgrounds can make for intimate ambiance. The awesome diffused light I talked about above means that even indoors, you can get stunning painterly imagery.

Shaftesbury Glades Te Aroha Wedding

I was getting saturated, but Trish and Wayne were happy (and dry) on the porch of this cottage at Shaftsbury Glade in Te Aroha
A bride and her bridesmaids lift the hems of their dresses to reveal that they are wearing gumboots underneath

Whatever winter throws your way on your wedding day, always remember that this is the story of your day . Embrace the moments as they happen and you will have stories (and pictures!) to tell for a lifetime!

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