Who are you, anyway?

Well hello there, I’m Kate!

I’m the photographer, owner, heart and soul of Ryan’s Daughter Photography.

Based in small town Waikato, I live with my young family and my cat in a well lived-in, 1930’s home with the most awesome understated art deco door frames and leadlight windows. Spend any amount of time with me and you’ll find out pretty quickly that I’m a cat lover, coffee connoisseur, frazzled mum and a little bit (okay, a lot) passionate about telling stories through photography.


Keep reading to find out why I do what I do, or click through to the blog and have a browse through what I’ve been up to recently.


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 every photo is a celebration
Everything I do comes back to celebrating all the unique, perfectly imperfect stories of our lives in the best way I know how. Photographs are an essential part of our stories and our histories. They connect us to the past and to each other, which is why every photo is a celebration of who we are right here and now.
I love to record life with a documentary approach, sometimes as a fly on the wall, other times getting up close and personal to really capture the fleeting moments. And I just can’t help getting creative at times too – after all, photography isn’t just a record, it’s an artform.

Anywhere there is a story to be told, I love to be there with my trusty camera (Canon 6D, 35mm and 85mm prime lenses, if you’re wondering).

Wedding celebrations are my jam, the emotions, the pace, the crazy family (c’mon, we’ve all got a crazy family, right?), and the quiet moments in the eddies of the rush of the day are all perfection to me.

Family portraits? Hell yes I love to capture those too! Your family in all its sometimes messy-loud-calm-quiet-crazy-chaotic glory, every moment that tells the story of now.

By now you know I’m all about keeping it real. It’s the way I photograph my own family and those around me. Completely self taught I’ve spent countless hours fine tuning my craft. I’m always trying out new things, experimenting with different ideas, and I’m constantly pushing myself to find the amazing moments and create awesome photos.

You might be wondering about the name of my business, Ryan’s Daughter Photography – you can read all about it here on my blog. And while you’re there, take some time to get lost in some of the the stories I’ve had the privilege to capture.