How to keep your photos safe, organised and create a tangible photo legacy for your family

Family life is busy. It’s nothing quite like you’d ever imagined and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

The kids are growing and changing so quickly, it sometimes seems like they’ve grown even more between lunch and dinner. They test you and treat you with their amazing personalities and growing characters every single day and you love them more than you thought you could ever love anyone.

And life keeps moving so fast through the necessity of the day-to-day. You blink and 6 months have passed. Blink and its Christmas again. Blink. School holidays are over. Blink. 

The days are long but the years? They go so fast.

 And suddenly, they’ve grown even more. 

I type this message to you from my computer, having only a few minutes ago carefully extracted myself from warm sleepy bedtime cuddles with my kids, after another normal, beautiful, messy, wonderful day being a family together. As I wind down from my day you will find me scrolling through the photos I’ve taken from the day and sharing the stories from the little moments with my partner, laughing at the funny things our kids do and say, and wondering how on earth the time passes so quickly.

(I’m also deleting the dozens of photos of the floor that the kids have taken while they are trying to see the photos on my phone and making sure that my photos are safely backed up.)

The idea of losing these little moments of our lives is terrifying. Its how we remember where we have been and how far we have come as a family. The everyday moments are like a magic time travelling portal to “back then”  – when we visited Nana and ate oranges in her garden; when we got ice cream after daycare; when we went for a bushwalk and had to carry the kids all the way back up the hill.


Our precious everyday moments are why I’ve created Memory Vault.


It’s a course for parents that gives you a system that not only ensures you keep your digital photos safe and organised, but also shows you how to tell the story of your everyday family life, how to create a living heirloom and helps you to create and nurture your family identity and connection. 

If you are a parent who has hundreds of photos of your family sitting on your phone, if you’re worried about the possibility of losing them to a tech mishap, and haven’t done anything with those precious memories, Memory Vault could be the course you need.


Got questions? Scroll down to read the FAQ or click the button below to book a time for a no-obligation chat with me to find out more.  

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What’s in the course?

Memory Vault Academy is a 10-week course taking you through my signature system to get your photos safe, secure, organised, and off your devices, into reality.  You learn how to safely store your photos, document your family with intention and how to create an heirloom that will only grow in value to your family over time.

You can choose to join the first 3 modules only as a short course to get you started in protecting your photos (Phase 1 – Security, see the details below) or the entire Memory Vault Academy course

All sections of the course are fully supported which means, you get my live support and accountability check-ins for the duration of the live course period. 

Inside the course you get:

  • Weekly group lessons where I take you step by step through the system
  • Weekly support and accountability calls – You can ask me anything about the week’s lesson and assignments and I will help you through every step of the way
  • A Facebook support community – where we share our progress, wins and where I give you support and accountability to keep you moving forward
  • Lifetime access to easily actionable and in-depth modules so you can watch and re-watch whenever you like



Phase 1: Security

Learn the easily implemented system you need to get your photos safely backed up, organised and to keep it that way. 

Module 1 |  TRIANGULATE 

The essential first step is to triangulate your location in the land of photo organisation.

Module 2 |  INVENTORY 

Now that you’ve got the lay of the land, now is the time to catalog and classify you precious digital cargo.

Module 3 | NAVIGATE

With everything in order, its time to navigate the options and choose the best backup channels for your treasured family memories.

Phase 2: Storytelling

Learn how to document your family with intention, understanding the basics of photography (no matter what camera you’ve got) and importantly, how and what to photograph without turning your life into a photoshoot

Module 4 | NARRATIVE

Learn the magic of storytelling in photos and understand  how to find the narrative in your daily adventures

Module 5 | DOCUMENT

Understand the basic principles of getting consistently great photos of your family no matter what camera you’re using

Module 6 | POLISH & REFINE

Bring everything together and learn how to select which photos to use and get the best out of them by learning the foundations of editing 

Phase 3: Legacy

Finally discover how to get your photos off your devices, out of the digital world and into your home in a way that is meaningful and significant for you. In these modules, we bring everything together and learn how you can build connection, identity and tradition in your family through your own photos.

Module 7 | EXHIBIT

It’s finally time to exhibit your family chronicles in a way that allows you to relive them in a meaningful way.  Decide how you want to display your photos, find out what the options are and how to choose what’s right for you

Module 8 |CREATE

Learn how to actually put together an album in a way that makes sense and looks beautiful, and finally create an heirloom that you can touch, feel and share.

Module 9 |ENGAGE

Understand how to use your photos to build identity, self-esteem, connection, and tradition in your family, and keep the Memory Vault system going. 

What does it cost?

The BETA round of the full Memory Vault Academy course is $397, future rounds of the full academy course will be $997

The BETA round of first 3 modules (Phase 1 – Security, outlined above) is $150, future rounds will be $350.


Frequently Asked Questions

I really want to join the course but I don't have time at the moment

I’m a parent and and business owner so I totally understand the juggle of time for family and work commitments. That’s why I’ve built this course in a way that breaks down the system into small easily actionable steps that don’t take as long as you think!

There are weekly calls where you can join live if you want to, but they will be available on replay for you to watch and re-watch as you like. You also get a checklist for each lesson so that you know exactly where you’re at, what you need to do and what the next steps are. 

There are implementation periods built into the duration of the course, which gives you plenty of time to watch the lessons, digest the information and then actually take the steps to achieve the goals set out in the lesson. 

The course is fully supported so you have access to me to help keep you accountable in taking the small steps towards protecting, organising and using your photos. I am here to help you every step of the way! Once you have the system in place, it’s easy to maintain. You’ll spend less time and mental energy worrying about the safety of your photos, or feeling guilty about not having done something with them. Your load will be lighter having this in place!

This sounds good, but I already use dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive etc - is this course right forme?

Firstly, I’m super happy to hear that you have a cloud storage system in place already! Memory Vault is about so much more than using a cloud system to store your photos, though! I teach concepts that can be used across different storage platforms, no matter if you already have something in place or what your budget is. 

Will I have to buy apps, software or hardware to complete the course?

This all depends on what you’ve got already and what the current state of your photo collection is in. If you have plenty of room on a computer harddrive or cloud storage space, you likely won’t have to buy anything additional. If you’re maxed out on hard drive and memory card space already then I do recommend investing in a 1 TB external harddrive, which for most people will be plenty of space to keep you going for a long while. These range in price but start at around $80. 

I have another question that's not covered here

Send me a message and I’ll be happy to help!