Meet Zoe and Ryan. They’re getting married soon, and there’s something about the way that they are planning their wedding that really resonates with me.2017-03-01_0002.jpg

When I was arranging to meet with them talk about their wedding plans and what they wanted to get from their wedding photos, Zoe mentioned that they would be spending the day at their venue and asked if maybe I would like join them there. Hell yes I would! Normally I would head out to a venue with a couple when they have their wedding rehearsal, but that’s a wee while away yet for Zoe and Ryan.



Because their wedding is being held on a private farm in the wops of Piopio we met at the Fat Pigeon Café to chat over an excellent coffee before jumping into one car and heading on through Piopio township and out to the farm.


What I loved about spending this time with Zoe and Ryan was being able to get such a better understanding of their story than I would have by just chatting with them over the phone. As we drove I learnt about where her family once lived, where his mum went to school, that one of those aunties-that-aren’t-really-your-actual-aunty was providing this and that for the wedding, that a friend of a friend wanted to share their talent with hair and makeup on their big day.


And that’s what really, really resonated with me. They know almost each and every person involved in their wedding in one way or another. Their wedding is not just going to be a celebration of their love and commitment, but a celebration of the love and support that all their friends and family have for them – individually and as a couple. Everyone wants to share in their joy, and that is just awesome.


While we were out at their frankly epic wedding venue, we took the opportunity to get some relaxed engagement photos and scout some locations for even more awesome photos on their wedding day. It took a little convincing to get Ryan in front of the camera, but he was pulling all the best poses by the time we finished shooting. Can’t wait to see some next level blue steel on your wedding day, eh Ryan!