This is Part Two of a three part series giving you practical tips on how to feel more confident whenever you’re in front of the camera. Read Part One Here.


Welcome back! I’m SO glad you’ve joined me for Part 2 in my series of practical tips for feeling more confident being photographed. In my last post I talked about the physical side of feeling more comfortable in front of the camera – that is, the actual positions you can put your body in when someone points a camera at you. If you’re new here, I highly recommend backtracking one post and taking a look – I’ve had lots of feedback from people telling me that they found it super useful!

Black and white photo of a bride and groom at the beach cracking up laughing

In this post we’ll be getting into some practical tips to help to light you up in your photos and to ease some of the emotional anxiety that we sometimes feel when we have the lens pointed in our direction. Now as is usually the case with emotional habits, this can be a bit more of a long term effort. It can take time and practice, and that’s OK – all good things take time, right?! I’m not a psychologist or a life coach, but I do see a LOT of people in front of my camera. In my experience, most of the time the discomfort we might be feeling around having our photos taken is all about those vulnerabilities that we are worried we’re flashing to the world. But, combined with the posing tips this will help you feel a bit more confident in the moment.

And just to reiterate from the last post – please don’t over think this stuff so much that you forget to be in the moment. All the best photos come from being present and engaging in what is happening around you!


The Emotional Stuff


  • Think happy thoughts! Practical tip number one, is actually a bit more like a bonus posing tip, and this one really makes all the difference. Like I said before, for many of us, being in front of a camera is like putting our vulnerabilities out on display and that makes us uncomfortable. When you are uncomfortable it shows in your eyes – they are after all the windows to the soul! Happy thoughts bring that sparkle back! Focus on something that brings you real joy or if there’s nothing that brings you joy in this life just imagine pulling your best wonder woman pose at your flamingo themed wedding. (Read the previous post guys, seriously.)

Pro Tip: Take a look at a photo of you where you’re really happy, one that you really like and compare it to one that you don’t like so much, perhaps where you’re a little (or a lot!) uncomfortable. Look at your eyes in both and I’ll bet you can see the difference.


  •  Speaking of that sparkle, if you’re really nervous, just try to remember the purpose of the photo. Is it to remember a group catch up? Celebrate a success? Or simply as a record of an event? This will help you stay in the moment and remain connected to what’s going on. It will quiet that monkey in your brain that’s busy trying to freak out about having a photo taken. Don’t over think it! It’s just a photo after all 🙂

Pro Tip: If you’re really struggling – fake laughing works every time. Seriously, it does! But you have to really fake laugh. Make sense? Fake laugh so hard that you really laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. That’s where the magic is.


Black and White tryptich of bridal party members pulling silly faces


  • Allow yourself to be seen – Just be yourself, in all your weird and quirky glory. Be in the moment with whoever you’re with and just allow yourself to be immersed in what’s happening around you. Don’t judge yourself and just BE.  You are more than a few short moments of awkwardness in front of a camera. Allow yourself to be seen as who you are.


  • Juusssst Relax – It’s only a photo. It takes literally fractions of a second to take. What’s the worst that can happen? The camera won’t steal your soul, I promise you.  A bonus of thinking happy thoughts and staying in the moment is that it will help you to relax. Combine this with taking deep breath, physically shaking it all out and using even one of the practical posing tips and you’ll be well on your way to projecting, and feeling, confidence.

Pro Tip: If you want to take it to a whole other level, take a look into power posing – the basic idea being to fake it ’til you make it.  There is mixed thoughts on how scientific it actually is, but if nothing else, it will give you a bloody good laugh, and that will definitely help you to relax!


Black and white photo of a newly married couple laughing happily after saying thier wedding vows

  •  Practice – All good things take time and practice. I bet you weren’t 100% confident the first time you rode your bike or drove your car, and yet with consistent practice these things feel like second nature. Some of these tips do feel a bit weird to put into practice at first, but they really do make the difference. You’ve got space on your phone for a few more selfies, I know it! Once you’re confident that you know generally what to do when someone else points a camera at you, you’ll start to really enjoy yourself.


This brings us to the end of the emotional stuff – for now, at least! Next time we’ll be putting it all together and talking about how to rock the most common type of photo we find ourselves in – group photos!

In the meantime:


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and as always if you have any questions feel free to let me know in the comments.