This is a photoshoot I have been dreaming about for a long time now with lush New Zealand bush, the beautiful natural tones and this gorgeous family in anticipation before thier pēpē arrives. Being in the Waikato there are so many amazing hidden spots that are perfect for fun and relaxed family and couples photoshoots, and I absoultely love exploring places like this with you to get amazing photos right here in our back yard. Every time I photograph someone new, we talk about location and how incorporating the photoshoot into an activity such as exploring a new walking track, doing something meaningful with the family (or even something that you do every weekend) really adds not only a layer of excitement but also another layer of meaning to your photos, and makes it that much more fun – especially if kids (or dogs in this case!) are involved.

Lisa, Anton, Hank the Tank and I took a couple of hours on a bright late winter sunday to take a stroll through a local walking track just out of Te Awamutu to get some relaxed and slightly romantic photos. Hank look the lead and made sure he was present someway or another in each photo we took, unless it involved sitting still, which he wasn’t that keen on doing. These guys took it up a notch by managing to wear complementary colours to our surroundings – not on purpose, but they just pop so well that I had to mention it – I think it must be Lisa’s graphic designer mind working overtime. In a few months their much loved baby will arrive and Hank might just have to scootch over a bit to make some room in the bed, but for now he’s still in the number spot in this little family!